Wednesday, February 3, 2016


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Joining in on the Currently link up with Anne and Jenna today! 

Valentine’s Day cards to the grandparents. I love doing these little photo cards for them, but was struggling to find a good picture to include this time! My phone is filled with more and more videos of my son instead of pictures because his time spent sitting still lately is minimal.

I’ve been a loyal Trader Joe’s customer for several years now and love so many things about them – the fact that it’s a smaller store to navigate, unique finds, and affordable good food. My boss introduced me to this inner peas snack. They’re crunchy and just a little bit salty so they pretty much satisfy the same craving a bag of chips satisfies, just without feeling gross afterwards. Plus they’re peas, so they have to be kind of healthy, right? …Right?! ;)

Of warmer weather. I think we’ve had a pretty mild winter so far here in Central Ohio, my son turned one in November and I realized the other day that having a November baby means that by the time he learned how to walk and run around it was too cold to spend any significant amount of time outside with him. For now we chase him around the house, but I’m so excited to take trips to the park when it’s nice out again and just to let him run around in a nice, open outdoor space.

My husband got an electric smoker for Christmas and so far we’ve done a smoked turkey breast, chicken, pork chops, and a roast of some kind (I think?). Not only does that thing make food taste delicious, I love the smell from the wood chips!

Ankle boots. Is it bad if what I choose to profess my love to is a material thing? Wait, maybe I don’t want to hear your answer to that. ;) But really, in previous years I would still wear flats in the winter and just throw on my fake Uggs for the wake into and out of work. I’ve determined that now I’m just an incredibly lazy person and that’s just too much work. Ankle boots are perfect for when I’m in a weird mood and don’t want to wear taller boots and it’s just too cold for flats. Also, these boots have a rubber sole so I can walk quietly across our hardwood floors. That’s a weird reason to like them for, but hey, that’s me. If you like these, they’re currently on clearance for only $23.99 although it looks like not all sizes are still available. But if your size is there, totally worth it in my opinion!

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