Monday, February 27, 2012

Inspiration Monday

I'm taking part in Inspiration Monday: Two Birds today and this was fun!  Today's inspiration:  the above look from Drew Barrymore.  Check out my look below.

shirt: Old Navy, cardigan and shoes: Target, pants: Wal-Mart, necklace: gift
I love Drew Barrymore's look, but my look had to take the office dress code at work into account.  I work in a pretty relaxed environment, but this may have been pushing it just a little bit.  I went with a tee with some embellishment because a little daytime sequins are always fun, right?!  Seeing Drew's beaded necklace made me remember that I had this necklace.  It was a gift from my mother-in-law, who always buys me great jewelry for Christmas, but for some reason I've had a hard time finding things to wear this one with.  These black jeans were an easy pick because they're a recent favorite of mine, and I tried these heels just to add a little bit of an edge to the outfit.  Even though my hair avoided the ponytail through most of the day, it's now pulled up in a similar somewhat messy way.  Maybe I should've given up on my hair earlier!


  1. Cute look, great shoes!

  2. i love that necklace, what a great gift! and those booties are adorable, too! (also, I fixed the link should be working now!)

  3. What a gorgeous necklace! I love the color - your mother in law has wonderful taste!!

    1. I did get pretty lucky to get a mother-in-law with fabulous taste. :)