Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wonder Woman

shirt: Old Navy, skirt & boots: thrifted, boots: Target, necklace: my grandmother's
As I mentioned once before, my husband sometimes makes funny comments about my outfit choices.  Today I made the comment about how it's been a few days since he's said something funny and my co-worker said, "What, he didn't say anything about your Wonder Woman skirt today?".*  I like it!  As crazy as work has felt lately, I just may need to be Wonder Woman, so I'll embrace it. This could also explain the crazy hair...when you're flying around saving the world, messy ponytails just kind of happen.  :)  Also, remember this story about the kid that works at CVS?  I stopped in today and he told me he liked my skirt and even asked me if I thought anyone I work with would try to steal my style.  Maybe he knows what he's talking about!

*Neither my husband nor my co-worker are mean.  Promise they only tease because they know I laugh about it and am not offended!  

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