Friday, February 17, 2012

A New Favorite

jacket: gift from my sister-in-law, shirt: thrifted, jeans: Wal-Mart, shoes & purse: Target

Happy Friday everyone!  The sun is shining and it's 45 degrees here in Ohio.  In February!  I know I should be concerned about global warming, but I'm too excited that it's warm enough to wear shoes without socks and get away with not needing a winter coat.  The shoes are my favorite part about this outfit. They're hard to see in these pictures, so here's the photo downloaded from Target's website:

They're a fun updated version of a classic, and since I wore them all day and my feet feel just fine, I'm sure they'll quickly become a wardrobe staple.  I found these shoes on clearance, hidden with some regularly priced shoes.  I'm guessing that someone hid them so they could come back and buy them.  I'm only a little bit sorry that I ruined their plan, but I promise they're in a good home!

P.S.  I looked up the history of the penny loafer and found this: History of Shoe: Penny Loafers.  Kind of fun!

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