Friday, November 13, 2015

A Little Getaway

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We've been a little bit off our game around here. You'd think the whole week I took off of work last week would leave me feeling refreshed and ready to go, but nope! Not when there's first birthdays to be had, a nice little getaway to the Hocking Hills area, and a kiddo with a cold who forgets how wonderful sleep is. Not to mention that he now has an infection in both of his ears. Oy. 

But back to the fun part, the first birthday and our little trip. We knew we wanted to do something as our little family of 3 to celebrate the milestone, but wanted to keep it close. We decided that a little cabin in the Hocking Hills area for two nights would be perfect, and it really was great. The only problem was that I'm guessing between his cold, being in a strange place, and the fact that the only place to put the pack n play was in the bedroom right outside the bathroom door, Jacob did not sleep well at all. Which unfortunately means that we didn't sleep well either, especially me. 

So as we packed up the car first thing on our last morning I insisted on a family picture, despite not having washed my hair in 3 days, no make up on, and having an enormous cold sore on my lip. And I'm glad I did, because someday I may look back on that picture and forget about the exhaustion and frustration I was feeling at the time, and I know I'll remember just how lucky we were to have that time together.

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