Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My Uniform

button up: Discount Fashion Warehouse (Express portofino shirt), sweater: Discount Fashion Warehouse, jeggings: Target, boots: Kohl's

Wearing all black has turned into something I rely on more and more, especially on days I don't have the energy or motivation to put much thought into an outfit. At this point we could definitely call it my uniform. As wonderful as it is, it can get a little boring, so it's nice to have some tactics for giving an all black outfit some visual interest. Here's a few I've found have worked for me:

An unexpected shoe  
My leopard print flats are my favorite for this, but really any shoe in a fun pop of color or with a pattern would do the trick. This time I decided to go for a cognac bootie to mix it up a bit.

Add a layer 
I think we all love layers, right? Here my layer added underneath gives the look a little more dimension to catch your eye. And don't forget the option of a top layer. I'm constantly reaching for my olive jacket or my denim jacket to finish off an all black look! 

A statement piece of jewelry 
A bold necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings would be a great addition. I personally shy away from larger earrings (I don't like the way they make my ears look and think they compete with my glasses too!), but picking up statement bracelets and necklaces as souvenirs has been my favorite way to commemorate a trip for years. They're not always bang friendly, so I'm looking forward to being able to start wearing them again!

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