Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Jacob: 12 Months (!!!)

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I'm still wrapping my head around it, but we have somehow already made it through the first year. I'm shocked and proud that I even made it through his birthday without shedding a single tear. :)

Nickname: Nuggie (from Nugget) and Buddy I think mostly.

Height/Weight: 30 inches tall and 24 pounds.

Things we can't live without: This month I'm having a hard time thinking of things we'd be miserable without. I suppose the most notable thing would be this car I found him. Completely random buy, but he loves pushing that thing all over the place and it's nice that it's small enough to throw in my purse if we head to a friends house or out of town for the weekend.

Things he likes: Climbing the stairs (with one of us directly behind him of course), his walker, and oyster crackers.

Things he dislikes: Being a good or even consistent eater, letting me out of his sight when I get home from work, not getting his way about something. 

Favorite characteristic: As I've said month after month, he's so laid back. But also that he's so easy to take out on errands. If we're moving, he's good and it's been a long time since we've experienced a melt down while we're out. But gone are the days of enjoying a meal or a beer out and about though because he does not have much interest in sitting still. 

Milestones: The milestone we've hit that I do not enjoy is the one where about once a week he melts down when I leave him at daycare. Let's just say he wasn't the only one crying when that happened for the first time. But fun milestones include pulling himself up and walking along anything and everything. In fact, I'm almost 2 weeks behind on writing this and today he took his first steps! And guess who missed it? Me! Naturally he chose to do it while I was in the shower.

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