Thursday, November 5, 2015


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Joining in on one of my favorite link ups again this month, Currently with Anne and Jenna!

I made a family favorite this month, apple/pear-sauce. My grandparents had apple trees and pear trees in their backyard and my grandpa would make applesauce with pears thrown in too. Sometimes when we end of up with an excessive amount of uneaten apples in our fridge I make it, and I was feeling a little nostalgic because while he's been gone for more of my life than he was alive for, October was his birthday month and it makes me miss him just a little bit more. No real recipe has ever existed for the apple/pear-sauce, so I just peeled and cut apples and pears until I was tired of doing it, then threw them in a crockpot with cinnamon sticks and some sugar until it was cooked down to the consistency I was looking for. 

A trip this week to Hocking Hills in Southeastern Ohio, although truthfully all the planning we did was to take the week off of work and book a cabin for a few of those days. I've been looking forward to no real agenda, just hanging out as a family of 3 and enjoying some time away from home to relax. 

As I write this, cupcakes because I waited until my usual bedtime to start making cupcakes for Jacob's birthday. :) (Update: I stayed up late to make them and then completely forgot them on the kitchen counter when we left the next morning!)

My body! I think it deserves it. Last October I was in the last month of pregnancy and weighed almost 60 pounds more than I do now. As we creeped closer to Jacob's first birthday it put me in a really reflective mood, feeling thankful that my body supported a healthy pregnancy, managed child birth (although medicated), and has allowed me to nurse for the past year. It's amazing what we're physically capable of, isn't it? 

My kid turning one, which happened yesterday! I feel like a lot of the first year has been spent in "survival mode" and I just can't believe we're at the end of it. I'm definitely feeling like we've found our groove and I can already tell this next stage is going to be so much fun!

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