Tuesday, November 24, 2015

In My Bag

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How do we feel about these "what's in my bag" posts? Do we still like them? Because I've never done one and it sounded kind of fun. Plus my purse was looking uncharacteristically clean so I had to take advantage! So let's start with talking about the criteria for being a favorite bag of mine: big enough to fit everything I need but not so big it feels like a tote, outside pocket to place easy to grab items, inside pocket for the same reason, and zipper closure across the top. Something like a million bonus points added if it's thrifted for less than $10 like this beauty. 

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Now for the goods, what you'll typically find in my bag. Side note, this is pretty much the weekday version. For the weekend you can add an extra set of clothes for Jacob, Sophie the giraffe, and wipes.

- Blogging supplies - iPad to play on during my lunch hour and mother's room breaks, planner (with a few pieces of mail tucked inside), journal because I like to hand write blog post ideas, and my camera for catching pictures on my way to work. Also my favorite flair pens.

- Kid supplies - I knew we'd be running some errands with Jacob right after work sans diaper bag so a few diapers, hand sanitizer, and oyster crackers in case he needed a snack.

- Prescription sunglasses - quite possibly my favorite purchase ever. Wayfarer style (non-prescription, similar style, same brand) because I felt like it was a look that doesn't go out of style. Something like more than 4 years later I'm still wearing them, so hopefully I'm right.

- Work badge + keys (forgot to include my car keys)

- Spare set of headphones, freebies from a race we ran in Nashville.

- Target receipt - guess I forgot to include the gift receipt in that baby shower gift I bought. Whoops...

- Wallet - this Merona one (same wallet, different color) fits my preference for a fun color and zippered outside pocket for change.

- 31 gifts zipper pouch - because haven't most of us had a friend or co-worker who hosted a party? Or is that just me? Either way, I love these pouches.

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In case you're nosy like I am, what's in my zipper pouch too:

- Altoids - because I'm guessing nobody wants to meet with an Academic Advisor who has coffee breath. Just being real. :)

- Band-aid friction block - perfect if you find yourself wearing some uncomfortable shoes.

- Bobby pins and spin pins - and why do I not have hair ties in here too for hair emergencies? I guess one is usually on my wrist.

- Ava Anderson perfume in "Hope"

- Oil absorbing sheets - because my forehead gets a bit of shine to it.

- Band-aids - just in case!

- Wet n' Wild brand concealer - because I'm cheap.

- Lip balm and color - Baby Lips by Maybelline is my current favorite for fixing a case of dry lips and this Cover Girl lip color is just the right amount of color me, which means it's light enough coverage that you can feel confident putting it on without a mirror (mine is in the color Luv U). 

- Phone charger - my mom gave me this, but I'm pretty sure I don't even have all the parts with me to make it work.

*Not pictured = the empty Twix wrapper because I didn't think you wanted to see my trash, and my phone because I used it to take these pictures. :)

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