Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grandma's Skirt

sweater and skirt: thrifted, belt: Target, boots: JCPenney

Ok, I didn't wear this today.  It's an outfit from earlier in the week that I didn't get a chance to post.  Today I  felt like a schlub.  No idea why that's the word that come to mind...merriam-webster says schlub is slang: a stupid, worthless, or unattractive person.  Way extreme, but I did feel kind of unattractive today.  I felt much prettier in this outfit, so this is the one I'll talk about. 

I absolutely love this gold skirt I found at Salvation Army for I think $2.  My husband called it my grandma skirt, but he must've been picturing a pretty stylish grandma. :)  At first I thought it was too dressy to wear to work since our dress code is pretty relaxed, but I decided to go for it when I realized that most of my weekends consist of nothing dressier than jeans so it was probably wear it to work or never wear it.  This cardigan is thrifted too, but it feels like I cheated or something.  I'm assuming Target donates to Goodwill because they always have items like this sweater with the Target tag still on them, and with the price half the price as all the other sweaters who would pass it up?


  1. I don't think the cardigan is cheating. When I see new items with tags on them from Target at Goodwill, it does make me wonder if the final price on them at Target was higher or lower or equal to Goodwill's! The skirt is great and I bet you didn't look like a schlub even if you felt like one!