Sunday, March 4, 2012

Camo and Busch Light

me with my sister-in-law...we're kind of amazing at selling raffle tickets

This is the closest I came to an outfit picture this weekend!  There's a game feed every year back in my husbands' hometown and we always try to make it.  Everybody gets together to try different types of wild game and drink.  It wouldn't be complete without raffling tickets to win guns and crossbows (I worked ticket sales which is why I'm wearing this styling vest! haha) and a 50/50 raffle, so we embraced our country roots and wore some camo and drank some, ok a lot of busch light.  Last year the money raised was donated to my father-in-law to help with the bills from his then ongoing fight with throat cancer.  We're thankful that a year later we're celebrating his health and that the money raised was able to help another family.

Since you can't see my outfit, here's what I wore:

tee, jeans, boots, scarf: all from Target

 I swear I was like a walking Target ad.  I may have a bit of an obsession....

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