Monday, March 19, 2012

A Well Spent Dollar

sweater, pants, and scarf: thrifted, shoes and purse: Target

I feel like I need to start out saying that I got these pants for $.99.  $.99!!!  The sales at Goodwill were good to me yesterday.  I've been trying to add more options for bottoms in my wardrobe so that I don't rely on jeans and black dress pants as much, and these were the perfect addition.  The in-between length of these pants made me think that something with a heel would be the best option for shoes.  My toes still have my almost 2 month old pedicure (yikes!), so open-toed shoes were not an option, even though the weather was perfect for it.

Speaking of weather, I started the day off with this scarf around my neck to try a little pattern mixture, but it was so hot I couldn't stand it as soon as I left our office for work so I decided to use it to accessorize my favorite purse!  


  1. Ninety-nine cents for pants! That's awesome! I like that color, too!

  2. I love tying a scarf around a purse, it gives it a little something fun! Great find on the pants and you can't beat that price!