Saturday, March 10, 2012


shirt: Old Navy, scarf: gift from my niece, jeans: Gap, shoes: Target

adding newly thrifted pants

I have to be honest...these pictures are not from today, but from earlier in the week.  Today has consisted of a comfy tee and jeans, and I don't see that changing at any point this evening.  I'm lucky that my job has a very relaxed dress code.  I threw on the jeans, flats, and plain shirt, then decided the scarf would make the outfit a little more interesting.  After work that day I went to my favorite thrift store and found the pants from the second picture.  They add so much more personality!  I love jeans, but am definitely sad that I didn't get to wear these pants today instead.

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  1. Hi! Just stopping by from Meg's Monday Mingle. I looove those red pants! Wish I was daring enough to wear them- you look fab!

    Have a great Sunday!