Sunday, March 25, 2012

It Runs In The Family

Yesterday my mom came to visit so we could go to an antique market together.  We went to this same one about five years ago and I found a favorite piece of jewelry, a turquoise ring.  I wore it almost every day, but about a few years ago, I lost it. Around that time we were moving and I thought for sure it would turn up as I was packing, but no such luck.  I went yesterday with my mission to find a replacement, but no such luck with that either.  Lucky for me, I did find some other fun stuff!

left: my grandmother's ring, right: my new ring 

On my wedding day last May, my cousin loaned me our grandmother's ring (my grandmother passed away in 1998).  It's a beautiful something borrowed, something blue!  Recently I've been on the lookout for something similar on etsy and ebay, but hadn't found anything.  Yesterday I found one!  Obviously it doesn't have quite the sentimental value as the one I wore on my wedding day, but it reminds me of my grandmother and my wedding day, which is what I was looking for.

described below, clockwise starting at top left

Pendant:  I don't need another large turquoise necklace to add to my collection, but couldn't pass this pendant up for only $3.  Everything else we saw that was this size and this intricate was far more expensive.

Bracelets:  The elephants were too fun of a detail!  $1 each.

Random stuff:  Some clip on earrings and a scarf clip (I think?) that I plan to turn into necklaces.  I'm not sure how it'll turn out, but no more than $1 was paid for each piece, so it's worth trying.

Necklace:  A fun statement piece for only $15.  Plus I'm pretty sure I bought it from the couple that sold me the turquoise ring so many years ago and they were the sweetest, cutest  older couple possibly ever so that made me smile!  They also had some beautiful rings in the $200 range that I would love to own one of in the future.  

And because my mom loves thrifting as much as I do, we ended the afternoon at my favorite Goodwill store.  We each found a few things, then headed home to join my husband and watch our Buckeyes make it to the final four.  Best part of march madness this year?  I have a very good chance of my bracket winning.  That would pay for a lot of thrifting! :)

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