Thursday, March 29, 2012

Comfortable Heels?!

tee: Kohl's, cardigan/jeans: Target, belt: Forever 21, necklace: my grandmothers, shoes: gift

Even I was getting bored of my outfit posts using my very plain tan wall as a backdrop, so I decided to try something new this morning.  I started out on our patio, but ran inside at the first sight of a neighbor coming home.  I decided to move inside to my living room, where my walls match my belt.  (My obsession with teal might be stronger than my obsession with watches!)  

Thoughts on my outfit:  First, I continued the trend of trying something new this week and gave the knotted belt thing a try.  Not bad, right?!  Second, these shoes are awesome.  Remember when I complained about how uncomfortable the black heels are from earlier in the week?  These shoes I wore today were given to me by a co-worker who said they just didn't quite fit her right.  They're Dr. Scholl's, and they are fabulous!  The most cushion I've ever felt, and they fit perfectly.  The only negative thing I have to say is that probably four people at work today at made a joke about how they could hear me coming in my heels, so they're possibly louder than most heels.  I have to say, I do not care! :)  

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  1. I like the change of scenery! The shoes sound great!