Wednesday, March 9, 2016

9 Things About Motherhood


10 things about motherhood would have a much nicer ring to it I think, but this is the list I came up with in the thick of a little rough patch over the weekend and it was too long and stressful of a day to think of one more to throw in there. ;) So here it is, what I've learned that mother is to me:

Motherhood is...

...being up in the middle of the night wishing your kid would just go back to sleep then once they do not wanting to put them down because you can't stop staring at their perfect little face.

...and then not being able to get yourself back to sleep so you lay in bed and fight the urge to go downstairs and snack on cookies and watch Fixer Upper. Oh wait, is that just me? :)

...desperately wanting some time to yourself and then missing them as soon as you get it.

...secretly loving it when they throw their arms around your neck and cry if you try to let them go at daycare drop off because it makes you feel like you've done something right that morning for them to adore you that much. in to things I thought I never would, like screen time as a bargaining chip because Wreck it Ralph is like magic and sometimes you've got a really dirty diaper to change and you're just not up to the extreme wrestling it takes to get the job done. 

...16 months in and still going in their room to make sure they're still breathing.  

...walking up and down the street at 9am on a Sunday, them in Santa pajamas (in March) and toothbrush in hand (because it's not worth the fight of prying it out of their hand) and you in your sweats because it's the only thing that will stop your poor teething child from screaming. 

...having to pee really really bad but you don't dare move the kid currently laying in your lap because they're finally calmed down from the crying fit you just experienced.

...being a card carrying member of your grocery store's kids club program so that your kid can get a free cookie, then kind of hoping they don't finish it so you can. 

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