Saturday, March 12, 2016

Weekend Round Up


Another random collection of thoughts and things for your viewing pleasure…

I don't particularly like to cook or bake, but I've gotten hooked on banana bread muffins lately. I use this recipe - nothing exciting or fancy, but clearly foolproof if I can manage to make some great tasting muffins. (I just realized the author's note says they're "easy for kids to make" so that explains it!) 

Did you hear that Steven Avery's defense attorneys are going on tour? They're calling it A Conversation on Justice Tour and I can't decide if this is a positive thing, a negative thing, or if I'm just indifferent. But they're coming to my city on April 30th. I'm a bit intrigued even though I never did really get into the Netflix series!

My mom gave Jacob a coloring book and I totally hi-jacked it. I want to jump on the adult coloring back bandwagon and this one looks gorgeous, but this is the one I think I really want…. :)

A co-worker of mine knows the guy who created this video tour of our city with drone footage, so if you've always wanted to check out Columbus, Ohio (and who doesn't, ha!) it's a fun thing to watch.

We've lived in our house for almost 6 years and beyond getting some color painted on the walls of the rooms we use most, I wouldn't necessarily say we've really decorated. I love that Anne rounded up some free printables. Perfect for providing some decor options without spending an obscene amount of money! 

My son has an allergic reaction to dairy - nothing that threatens his health, but he instantly breaks out in itchy red spots. We've been relying on coconut milk, but I just read about this milk from a company based in New Zealand that has a different in the proteins we have in our milk here in the U.S. and people with allergies or sensitivities to cows milk say they don't experience the adverse effects when they drink this instead. Meijer has a coupon through their mperks program that's valid through 5/14/16 so I'm considering giving it a try. 

Have you guys heard of the Passion Planner? It's a planner designed to focus on goal setting. I heard about it at a conference back in January and several people swore by them. I'm so incredibly cheap that it makes me cringe to think about paying more than the $10 or so that my Target planner typically costs, but I do think this one would be well worth the price tag. There are free downloads though, which I've been printing off weekly to keep me organized at work. 

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