Thursday, March 3, 2016

February Spending

feburary 2016

Target - 3 long sleeve tshirts at $10.50 each = $31.50
The Jones Market - necklace = $28
Groupon - striped skirt = $7.97

JCPenney - jeans = + $15.09 (purchased in January's spending)

Total = $52.38

No matter how much I'm trying to pare down my closet, I don't think I'll ever be able to say no to an inexpensive gray tee (or black for that matter) that has just the right amount of flow to it like these long sleeve tees I found at Target. They were worth it and I'm glad I bought it in olive and burgundy too. 

The necklace is my new favorite, and the skirt was a little bit of an impulse buy from my phone at 3:30am when I was up with my son. Whoops! I'm still a work in progress keeping that in check. Groupon seems like a really random place to buy clothing from, but I bought a gray t-shirt back in December and it was a really good buy (see, what'd I tell you about my weakness with gray tees). It's low quality, which isn't surprising, but I think it could be a comfortable option to throw on with a t-shirt this summer. Something about the fit made me a little hesitant to wear it to work, but that just may be because it's been awhile since I've worn a form fitting pencil skirt. 

The jeans from JCPenney (not pictured) were returned and I'm pretty proud of myself for following through with that, especially because the mall that has a JCPenney store is not super convenient. Granted, we live about a mile from a mall so maybe that's skewed my perception of convenient a bit. ;) But the jeans were bought because they were on clearance, I was desperate for jeans that fit, and they were a size smaller than I've worn in probably 15 years so that definitely clouded my judgement. About a week later I found the 2 pairs from Discount Fashion Warehouse that I highlighted in my January Spending post, loved those, and didn't see the need for an extra pair. 

If you track your spending each month, how did you do this time around? 

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