Wednesday, March 2, 2016


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Linking up with Anne and Jenna for another round of Currently...

For spring, but aren’t we all?! We had 2 weekends recently with some unseasonably warm weather that let us get Jacob outdoors to run around. Since it was December before he really figured out walking, that’s a new concept to him and not surprisingly he loves going for walks with me (he holds my hand and walks and I may be biased but it’s the cutest thing ever)! Now that he realizes how fun it is outside, he tries to reach the door knob while saying more and I can’t wait until I can stop saying no just because the current weather is awful.

I’m pretty sure I talked about my sweet tooth in last months’ link up too, but oh my gosh now it’s Girl Scout cookie season so I just can’t seem to quit the sugar cravings. I bought a box of savannah smiles as my work stash (meaning they did not go home to be shared) and they lasted one week, and I physically separated from them for 3 of those days. *hangs head in shame…*

After hosting both sides of our families on separate weekends last month, this month it’s our turn to travel. We’re headed to Michigan to see one of my husbands’ childhood friends and his wife, another niece is joining the family within the next 5 or so weeks, and we’ll be headed back home at some point too. My brother and his fiancées’ dogs had puppies 3 weeks ago and I cannot wait to get my hands on their sweet little faces. Plus Jacob’s favorite word seems to be puppy so it’ll be really fun to see what he thinks of being around 8 of them all at the same time!!

The Jones Market – I’ve got so much love for this company! Kid friendly, comfortable, and pretty jewelry and I may be obsessed. She’s here in Columbus too, so I am happily all about supporting a local female business owner. I’m up to owning 4 necklaces and a bracelet. I’ve had my eye on this one for awhile and snatched it up when I found it as the last one in stock in a store here in Columbus, and this one is on my wishlist. I’ve got my bi-annual bonus coming our way in a few days and while it’s not an impressive amount, I think I should be able to convince my husband that I totally deserve another $30 necklace. Right?! :)

To let go a little bit and coming to terms that my son isn’t a baby anymore, and while tough to come to terms with sometimes it’s a good thing!

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