Saturday, March 5, 2016

Weekend Round Up


A random collection of thoughts and things for your viewing pleasure…

I was in a little bit of a funk last Friday so I headed to the nearest drugstore on my lunch break and snagged this lip color. Hard not to smile with bright lip color on, no?

Did you hear about the Navy SEAL who received the Medal ofHonor? He went to a high school that was in our league for sports back when I was in school, and I just think it’s pretty cool to see what somebody from a small town in northwest Ohio accomplished. Total bad ass!

So I heard on the radio that Ja Rule turned 40 this week? Does this make anyone else feel like high school was an eternity ago?

This post made me thankful I’m not on the dating scene. I would have no clue how to navigate it now!

I want to wear this outfit every day of the work week. You know, if that didn’t require shaving my legs 5x a week.

I re-stocked on this stuff in an attempt to fight off the cold that is just hanging over my head. Waking up with congestion and a touch of a sore throat every morning is no bueno. 

Green smoothies have become part of my routine lately in an attempt to drink my green veggies since I’m awful about eating them. Lately the ingredients I’ve thrown together taste ok, but look gross. This recipe combated both of those negatives!

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