Monday, March 7, 2016


dress: Target (similar) / sweater: thrifted (Loft brand) (similar) / boots: Target

Does anyone thrift anymore? A few years ago I feel like I was constantly going to the thrift store and buying clothes, but the amount of clothing that got cleared out of my closet last fall finally made it sink into my head that I had a serious problem with buying things on impulse, and the thrift store was the easiest place for that to spiral out of control in.

When I took a look at what thrifted pieces made the cut in that ruthless closet clean out I realized that most of the pieces that were originally from the lower cost stores I prefer to shop at regularly, like Target and Old Navy specifically, were gone. The quality just wasn’t high enough for them to hold up through a second owner. The pieces I let stick around were pieces like this sweater from Loft – which to be honest is a store that’s out of my price comfort zone, but has a higher quality than what I typically have in my closet because of that.

With that being said, a part of me wants to get back into thrifting if I can find the time and become a master of willpower so that I can enjoy it without collecting a closet full of things I don’t wear again!  

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