Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mom Style: Sweatshirts

sweatshirt: Kroger (yes, for real) / pants: H&M (thrifted) / boots: Target

I haven't worn a sweatshirt to work in years, not since I was at my previous job when they gave us a really comfortable hooded sweatshirt with our company's logo on it and a lot of us wore them every Friday because we moved into a new building in January that I swear felt like it didn't have functioning heat. 

But I digress. :) When I saw the #momstyle link up this month was highlighting sweatshirts though, I decided to give it a try just to see if I could switch up how I usually wear them and give it a go in the semi-professional work environment of our office on a Friday. To be honest it was less the fact that I was wearing a sweatshirt that made me worried about playing it too casual, it was the fact that not only is this sweatshirt - it's a hoodie. But the lace detail steps it up a notch, right? Or that's what I'm telling myself anyway...

I figured that pairing it with some cobalt blue denim rather than jeans, boots, and actually having my hair and make up done helped make the outfit look more pulled together. It's a much different feel than my usual sweatshirt look which is jeans, Converse, a ponytail, and make up free. Just like this! And although this comfortable look could've easily carried me through my Friday night plans of pizza making, little boy chasing, and browsing the internet while my husband watched basketball (exciting times around here!), but that's what sweatpants are for. Am I right? 

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